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Welcome to
A website developed for Robotics teams

FIRST Tech Challenge & VEX teams:
Manage your Engineering Notebook ... and MORE!

Register Now! Registration is free - and all teams automatically receive a 30 day website trial. Subscription cost is $49/team/year.

Online Notebook
  • Team members and mentors can access the team's notebook anywhere, any time with internet access.
  • Multiple team members can add entries simultaneously.
  • No more lost pages or pages inserted out of order!
  • Team members can each use their own login OR you can create a login that is shared by multiple/all team members.
Final output is PDF
  • The notebook entries are put together into a PDF for download, ready to send electronically. Especially useful this year with virtual competitions.
  • You can print the PDF when a hard copy is required.
  • Engineering Portfolio: Tag the notebook entries that will be printed in the portfolio.
  • Notebook Timestamps are approved by the REC foundation Competition Judging Committee.
Support for the Engineering Lifecycle
  • Task types support a work flow through strategy, design, build, and testing.
  • Additional task types for coding and non-engineering tasks.
Notebook entry prompts
  • Team members are encouraged to provide task details such as describing the issue being addressed, details of work performed, and any feedback from other team members.
  • Prompts change based upon task type, so Design prompts are different from Testing prompts.
  • Customize the prompts for your team.
Attach photos
  • Upload photos and images then attach them to tasks later.
  • Upload photos directly during task entry.
  • Add captions to photos and they are included in the final notebook output.
To Do list
  • Keep track of upcoming work by using the to-do list.
  • Use the follow-up feature to create to-do list items during task entry.
Smart Phone/Tablets
  • Website design is responsive allowing notebook entries on a computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Use your smartphone's camera to take a picture and upload in a single step.
  • Use your smartphone's "talk to text" feature to dictate your notebook entries.
Dark Theme / Light Theme
  • Use the theme switch icon in the website header to switch between light and dark themes.
Praise for
I just discovered your website and I love it! You've got what looks to be a great product which will prove very beneficial to robotics teams.
- Peter, Coach FTC 10237 US Robotics
I tried using the Website without watching the video, I was very happy to find how easy it was to figure out and use.
- Timmy, FTC Captain 4634 FROGbots
I just have to say "wow" first. My team has used OneNote, Word, and Google Docs for our notebooks. None of them are what we need exactly to stay organized. We are interested in what we see here with
-Beth, Coach FTC 14236 Slight Malfunction
This site could help with our new program. Last year we had some difficulties where most of the team would never be present at the same time or our notebooks would get lost and forgotten.
- Andrew, President VRC 80276A-F Marion County ATC
My team and I helped develop the first prototype of this website. We are excited to use this greatly improved version.
- Michael, Captain FTC 16537 LOGICoyote
RoboNotebook has proven itself as an excellent way to manage our team's engineering notebook. Using the tool enables our inexperienced team members to use the prompts to complete their notebook entries, which is always a challenge.
- Shari, Coach FTC 7039 Lord of the Bricks
The interface makes it particularly easy to determine what entries are missing, vs. trying to find a missing team member or assembly. Now, especially, the online access has been fabulous at keeping our virtual team connected.
- Shari, Coach FTC 7039 Lord of the Bricks
Bulk Pricing
Does your organization support 5 or more robotics teams? Contact Us to discuss bulk pricing options.
Purchase Orders
Are you unable to pay with credit card? Does your organization require a purchase order option? Contact Us to discuss obtaining team subscriptions with a purchase order.
Special Thanks to Beta Test Teams
Note: Teams that volunteered for beta testing are receiving free subscriptions for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons.
*Teams that provided exceptional feedback are receiving lifetime free subscriptions.