– Terms of Use

1.       Definitions

a.       Team – A team is a group of students and one or more adults serving as coaches or mentors, working together on robotics activities.  A team may be competing in a robotics league (for example FIRST or VEX), but this is not a required component for a team.

b.      Team Member – A team member is a student who is engaged in robotics activities within a team as defined above.

c.       Mentor/Coach – the terms Mentor and Coach are used interchangeably below.  A mentor or Coach is any adult working alongside and/or supervising team members during team activities.

d.      Parent – any non-mentor/coach who is a parent or guardian of a student team member.

e. – the website and service provided for teams.  This term is also used when referring to the owners of the website.

f.        RoboNotebook Forums – any part of the website referenced by URLs that start with

g.       Team Owner – for teams that are in trial or have an awarded or gifted subscription, the team owner is defined as the owner of the account that created the team on the website.  For teams with a subscription, the team owner is defined as the credit card/debit card holder that was used to pay for the subscription.

2.       Acceptable Use

a. exists for the sole purpose of providing robotics teams & robotics educational programs a method for managing their engineering process and documenting their work.  The website may be used by robotics team members, coaches, mentors, students, educators, parents, or other individuals associated with robotics teams, robotics leagues, or robotics educational programs for this purpose, or to evaluate a team’s work, or to evaluate the website’s features on behalf of a robotics team, league, or program.  Any other use of the website is prohibited.  If you believe the website would be of value for any other purpose, please contact the site administrator prior to purchasing a subscription.
Shared accounts are completely acceptable and encouraged in some instances.  Multiple team members can all log in under the same account to use the website.  For team members under 13 years old, a shared account is actually a requirement (see below).

b.      RoboNotebook Forums
The RoboNotebook forums exist for the sole purpose of providing support for the website  All posts should be related to and the usage of the website.  Any other use of the RoboNotebook forums is prohibited.
All website users are encouraged to be active in the forums.  Questions about usage, suggestions for new features, and bug reports should all be posted to the forums.  Also, users are encouraged to help one another by replying to posts.

3.       Unacceptable Use

A team is a group of student team members and one or more adults serving as coaches or mentors.  It is prohibited to use the website in such a way that would permit multiple teams operating under a single website subscription.  If such behavior is discovered, it will result in immediate termination of the subscription without refund.
Note that is expected that some teams will share team members, i.e. some students will be members of multiple teams.  Each unique team is required to purchase a separate subscription to the website.

b.      RoboNotebook Forums

Foul language will not be tolerated at all in the RoboNotebook Forums.  Only language suitable for a Rated “G” movie is allowed.  Any user using inappropriate language will be given a warning for the first offense.  Upon any subsequent offense, site administrators can and will revoke the user’s ability to post to the forums. 

4.       Uploaded Images

a.       Usage – Images that are uploaded to as part of website service remain the property of the Team/Team Owner. will not use these images for any purpose other than to provide output (screen and generated PDF) for the team.  Any other usage will only be after additional consent is granted by the Team/Team Owner.

b.      Team members and consent – it is up to the team owner to obtain consent for all individuals captured in all images uploaded to  The liability for obtaining this consent belongs solely to the Team Owner.

c.       Copyrighted images – it is up to the team owner to obtain consent for any copyrighted images uploaded to  The liability for obtaining this consent belongs solely to the Team Owner.

d.      Inappropriate images – under no circumstances will images that depict pornography or violence be permitted on or in the RoboNotebook Forums.  Other definitions of “Inappropriate images” will be added as needed.  All images uploaded to the website are for the purpose of documenting a team’s engineering process and progress on robot design and building.  Other images are strictly prohibited!  Any such images that are discovered (brought to our attention) will be removed by site administrators immediately, and reserves the right to terminate accounts and team subscriptions without refund for this offense.

5.       Notebook/Data Privacy

a. respects the teams’ right to privacy and a team’s proprietary rights to the design and design process. will not violate the integrity of your notebook.  Site admins who are actively involved in a robotics program will not view the notebook entries or uploaded images for a team unless the express right to do so is granted by the team owner (usually for site debugging or site help purposes). 

b.      However, reserves the right to have admins who are not affiliated with a robotics team periodically scan images specifically to enforce our “inappropriate images” rule.  Those admins will only be looking for images that violate our “inappropriate images” rule and will not share any information learned from viewing images.

6.       COPPA does not ask for any identifying user information except for email address.  Even so, we are avoiding any COPPA liabilities by requiring that all registered users affirm they are 13 years or older when registering.  Any team member under the age of 13 can only use the website under the consent and direct supervision of a parent or guardian or appointed adult supervisor (team coach or mentor with authorization from parent or guardian).  Such website use can only be performed using a shared account, one that is established and monitored by the parent, guardian or adult supervisor.  The shared account must be registered using the email address of the supervising adult.  Team members under the age of 13 are not authorized to have an individual account.  The parent, guardian or supervising adult is wholly responsible and liable for all activities of the team member.

7.       Liabilities

a.       Content – All content is owned by the team owner, and as such any liability for content resides with the team owner for the team associated with the content.

b.      Features – is continually updating and improving the service and features offered.  At times, such updates may involve removing features that are considered outdated, no longer needed, or other unspecified reasons. makes no guarantees about website features, and is not liable for any hardship that occurs because of the removal of features. is not obligated to provide subscription refunds because of any features that are removed. is not liable for any damages caused by removal of features.

c.       Downtime – makes every effort to provide zero downtime.  However, on occasion the website will be unreachable, unavailable, or not functioning properly. will make every effort to notify all users of any known downtime (routine maintenance, backups, provider change, etc.) with reasonable notice.  Any unseen downtime will be addressed as quickly as possible. is not obligated to provide subscription refunds because of any downtime. is not liable for any damages caused by downtime.

d.      Data loss – makes every effort to ensure that all data entered by teams is retained and there is zero loss of content provided by the teams. also will periodically backup all website data to prevent catastrophic data loss.  However, in the case of any data loss, is not obligated to provide subscription refunds and is not liable for any damages.

8.       Subscriptions & Trials

Any newly created website team will have all website features available for a short trial period. reserves the discretionary right to limit the features available during trial and to change the length of the trial period.  After the trial period expires, the website team will be locked and no additional website activity can be performed with that team.  A purchased subscription will re-enable all features for the team.

Subscriptions allow for full website functionality for the website team for one calendar year, beginning on the purchase date.  Partial year subscriptions are not available, even if a Team decides they do not need the service for the full calendar year.  A team may not “suspend” a subscription in an attempt to make a subscription last more than one calendar year.

9.       Refund Policy

Trials are available for all teams to review website features prior to purchasing a subscription.  For that reason, it is not a policy for to provide refunds for any reason.  If you believe you have a valid case for a refund request (for instance, if two coaches independently set up two separate subscriptions for the same team), please contact and give your reasons.  We are reasonable.

10.   Governing Law

All legal issues arising under these terms will be governed by Virginia law