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Enhancement List
List of Enhancement Ideas for the website
SiteFAQ0Add a FAQ
TeamNew0One setup screen for everything for setting up a new team. Allow for adding new season, adding teammates and mentors and adding the email accounts for access. OR they can create the managed logins.
AccountAccount Edit1Change email
FormsAll1Cancel button on all forms.
ImagesAll1Click on image to show full screen in window
ImagesUpload1PNG handling for notebook photos. If it is resized then it is turned into a jpg with all transparency lost. If it is NOT resized, it renames it to a jpg which will error on print.
LoginRemember Me1When you remember on a new device, it stomps on the token so that the original device is no longer remembered. Allow for multiple devices.
PDF PrintAll1Make it so that timestamp printing is an option for notebook print instead of a default.
PDF PrintAll1Finish print formatting options. Allow for format of different areas of the notebook. Font choices (family, size, weight, color) for differet areas inside notebook print. Allow user some free form options for areas on the print: Title Page, Title area, Summary Page, Summary area, Header, Footer. Allow user to upload images that can be used for these print options (like team logo)
PDF PrintExtra1Print Extra Meetings - separate by Type
PDF PrintPortfolio1Allow options that Only print entries that are tagged
PDF PrintPortfolio1Some way to bring some additional sections into a single document for print. So that the team can have a single document that contains notebook entries + team section + business section, etc.
PDF PrintTeam Section1Add a team section to print - allow for photos/bio
Season MaintenanceAll1After view/edit/save the list data (teammate, mentor, notebook section, etc.) need a convenient link back to season home page. Only link is in header.
SecurityAvatar change1check for access also need to check on security level
AccountEmail2add a class for each type of email with HTML body that will accept the key vars as parameters and formats a nice HTML email
AdminLogin2Track user last login date
All ListsAll2All lists - if empty, show something like "none" or "no meetings" Look at the placement of that text and see how it shows. In the table? How does that show on Mobile? Separate from the table?
AvatarsAvatar Select2There are too many avatars - separate by subfolder, and each folder becomes a "group". Allow a dropdown on group to change the available avatars. Only load the images when the group is selected.
AvatarsCode2Clear folder ZZTempEdit periodically - should happen in avatar.php Files older than 4 hours
CodeAll2Check for Consistently setting pagetitle and htmlpagetitle in code
HeaderAll2Test with really long Team name and/or season name.
ImagesTask Edit2I can still run into a duplicate image on task situation: Open Task (edit or new), upload image, before clicking on Submit for caption edit, click on "show Season Images", the new image will be there, and I can add it. Then if I click "Upload Images" again I can finish editing my caption and click submit. This will add a second copy to my task.
ImagesTask View2Reorder photos on a task
ImagesTask View2Define Image size in print
MeetingMeeting List2Allow for filters and find ways to get into listing with filters (like from the category list on season page
PDF PrintTasks & Meetings2Allow users to see what PDF print for the task or metting will look like. Actually spit out a PDF of the meeting or task on demand.
Season MaintenanceTeammates2Allow to invite straight from the teammate add acreen? This way when the person accepts the invite they are already tied to a teammate record. (All this for mentors as well). This will also save steps for the team owner down the road.
SecurityAll2Test Security around all options based upon team role
SiteAll2Check for consistent tool tips on silver buttons
SiteFooter2Need a footer
SiteInput 2Michael was able to break input with a bunch of special characters on teammate entry. What character broke it?
SubscriptionsPayment2Create a way to easily bundle multiple teams into a single payment option
TasksTask Edit2Select Author - automatically add as a participant
TasksTask List2Allow for filters and find ways to get into listing with filters (like from the category list on season page
Team ManagementSeason Add2Allow to copy lists from another season (another team?)
AdminLogin3Allow admin to Shadow a user - navigate the site as that user.
AvatarsAvatar Select3Allow for groups like Your Custom Avatars to be expanded or collapsed
ImagesNew3Allow for image edit - just two options: rotate & contrast (something to make washed out images more clear on print)
AvatarsMeeting Task4Use avatars instead of names - show name on tooltip
ImagesCode4AWS for image storage
ImagesUpload4Add photos from Google photos. Other online repositories?
OutreachMeeting Entry4Can we add outreach entries that don't necessarily have a date? We often have general outreach that occurs over a period of time, which would not necessarily carry a date and time
Season MaintenanceLists4Edit Meeting Categories, Edit Task Types (going to force default meeting type/task type structure for phase 1)
Season MaintenanceNew Season4Allow for copying from another season/team
SiteAll4COPPA Requirements for under 13!
TasksAll4Allow a task to be assigned to multiple notebook sections. Really just effects enter/edit, print, and filtered lists
TasksTask Edit4Move tasks from one meeting to another
TasksTask New/Edit4Allow super to "flag" entries as one to be highlighted for judges
TeammatesNew4It would be great if the teammates section could include an area for a team member profile; and if all the included team members and mentors could print, along with this profile blurb and uploaded photo, as the Team Section of the notebook.
MeetingNew5Calendar? Can this take the place of teamstuff for scheduling meetings and having team members indicating planned attendance/absence?
TasksNew5I think an overall taskboard would be useful to have where you could update the status of the task other than saying it is "Done" or "Not Done" (maybe make it so you could add a status like "Being documented")
TasksTask Edit5I can see in the future giving additional flexibility to add additional fields to meetings and tasks