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Schedule feature

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is there a way to bulk add practices? Say every Monday from 5-10? I see how to add 1 practice at a time but not a way to add 2 months worth in bulk
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Re: Schedule feature

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Hi. Sorry, no type of feature like that....yet. The intention is that you would Open a meeting - add the tasks (notebook entries), then Close a meeting. Since meetings are only Open or Closed, it does not quite make sense to pre-open a bunch of meetings. The way some of the other pages function, you might not want that either. The list of meetings page shows all meetings ordered by date descending. So if you pre-opened meetings through November, your November 30 meeting would show at the top! You would have to scroll down to find the September 21 meeting.
Now, my team has used Team Stuff in the past for scheduling, so I am familiar with that site and features. One item on the RoboNotebook enhancement list states "Calendar? Can this take the place of teamstuff for scheduling meetings and having team members indicating planned attendance/absence?" I believe this will be coming at some point - but probably not for this season.
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