Quick add photo/image add

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Quick add photo/image add

Post by PaulSpencer »

I would like to quickly add a photo to a task without having to edit the task. The current process required the task be edited, which may overwrite work being done by another team member who is also editing the same task.

Essentially the team has a photographer and data entry recorder that work independently.
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Re: Quick add photo/image add

Post by Randy »

I don't believe I could allow a photo attachment and not call it an edit, mainly looking at a timestamp perspective.
With regards to the photographer scenario, I had responded to s similar report in the bug report area. I would suggest that a photographer not be the one to attach the images to a task. I would have these team members selecting the "Season Images" option from the season home page and uploading there. Then the task author would be the one to select the images they want for the task they are entering on the website.
Please have your team members try this method of using the website and let me know - if this is still an issue and the team members truly believe that a photographer should be the ones to attach images to tasks, I will consider finding a way.
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