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Release List
List of Enhancement Releases for the website
PUBLISHED 2020-11-14
FormsAllCancel button on all forms.
ImagesAllClick on image to show full screen in window
ImagesUploadAdd some indicator to the user about when the button is clicked so that they know images are being uploaded.
ImagesUploadCheck upload size before upload and warn user to avoid server error.
LoginRemember MeBug Fixed - When you remember on a new device, it stomps on the token so that the original device is no longer remembered. Allow for multiple devices.
PUBLISHED 2020-10-09
ImagesUploadBUG Fixed - PNG handling for notebook photos. When a large image is resized, it is turned into a jpg with all transparency lost. If it is NOT resized, the site saves a copy of the oginial file but renames it to a jpg - this causes a error on PDF generation.
PUBLISHED 2020-10-07
AccountEmailEmail preferences. Add an "Allow emails from site admin" at account creation, default checked off (per GDPR). Will check multiple boxes for the account which can be maintained individually on account edit. "Personal/Welcome emails", "Site updates/enhancement announcements", "Subscription/Trial expiration warnings"
AccountSiteManaged logins - for school teams and other situations where team members may not have an open email address. Allow a team owner and team coach the ability to create site logins that do not need to be validated via email. These accounts will not have an email associated with them, and they can only be given access to a single team. Other limitations: they will not have the ability to make account changes (maybe allow avatar?) and they will not be logged into support forums. They can only be given team access as Review, Member, or Super. Coach and Owner roles are not valid for a managed login. Automated lost password function will not work for managed accounts, password can only be maintained by Owner/Coach.
PDF PrintAllPrint timestamp with tasks.
PUBLISHED 2020-09-29
TasksEntry/EditSend a "keep alive" ajax signal every 5 minutes or so to make sure the session does not time out - this will allow for users who take longer than 20 minutes for a notebook entry.
AccountActivationAfter activate, link to LOGIN, not to home page.
TasksView ScreensAllow task tag to be clicked by users with the correct security (Owner, Coach, Super) to tag/untag a task entry.
PUBLISHED 2020-09-28
TasksEntry/EditTimestamp capture logic: Add a timestamp to capture when a notebook entry is added. / Update the timestamp when a notebook entry is edited. / When a user opens a page to edit an entry, provide a warning on the website that the timestamp will be updated. / Only update timestamp if KEY information is edited. Allow for simple changes like tagging, notebook section, or participants
TasksTask Edit/EntryAllow a notebook entry to be "tagged" - these entries will be included in portfolio print.
PUBLISHED 2020-09-22
Edit FormsAllCommunicate validation rules. Things like Notebook Section Name have a minimum number of characters, but the validation rules are not displayed for the users. Also Denote Required form fields with a red asterisk.
PUBLISHED 2020-09-21
Season MaintenanceNew TeammateBug - single quote in the name causes error
SiteAllContact Us page
SiteAllThank you for beta test teams
SiteAllCan you make the drop down lists alphabetized? It would make it easier to find what the person is looking for that way.
Team ManagementSubscriptionAllow for a team subscription
SiteHomepageMore inviting home page
Team ManagementSubscriptionTeam Identification table: "subscription status" - different options. Subscribed, trial, trial expired, sub expired, others?
PUBLISHED 2020-09-08
HeaderSeason MenuAccess to a Print page from the season menu.
ImagesSeason ImagesDelete confirmation on season images
MeetingMeeting DetailsChanged label for field meeting.location to read Location/Event during entry & edit. On meeting details (display) changed meeting.location label to read "Event Name" when the meeting category is Outreach.
MeetingMeeting EntryExpanded field meeting.location from 50 to 250 chars
MeetingMeeting EntryExpanded field meeting.purpose from 250 to 1000 chars
MeetingMeeting ViewMeeting details view that shows all task details
SeasonSeason HomeAccess to Season Images from Season Homepage
SeasonSeason HomeAdd "All meetings" link on season homepage
SiteRegistrationAdd 13 year old age requirement for COPPA
SiteAccountAllow user to login with either username or email address.
SiteAllTerms and conditions
SiteAllAdd forum for support
PUBLISHED 2020-07-18
AccountAccount EditChange pass - if there is an active session on another computer, it allows even through password change - fixed
SeasonSeason HomeWork more on Season Home with the floating divs. (when content is too big for the predefined size - like teammate list) - Fixed
SecurityAllReview Security is not implemented everywhere - added.
SecuritySeason HomeLook at Add buttons and how access (security) changes based upon season status. Right now - add meeting button shows on inactive season, then goes to error screen. - Fixed
SiteAllTo-Do list - consistent spelling. Sometimes it has a dash, sometimes not.
PUBLISHED 2020-07-07
TasksNew TaskChange on-screen prompts for "Task not Complete" checkbox to make it more evident how the system will behave.
TasksSeason HomeTask count on "Default" task type are not showing the ones where task type is blank. They should.
TasksTask EditTool tip consistency. They seem to pop up in inconsistent locations, sometimes centered on the icon, sometimes to the right of the icon. Can we make it consistent? Or at least a little better.
ImagesSeason Images ListDelete Images (only if not used on a task) - Place a delete button where the task button would be - confirm and delete via AJAX.
ImagesTask ViewEdit a caption & date from task - return to task on save
TasksTask EditIf logged in user is tied to a teammate - automatically select them as author and add them as a participant on New Task.
TasksTask EditUploading new images to a task - confusing because user now has two submit buttons available. Can we do something to disable the task submit button while the upload submit button is visible?
To-Do ListMeeting DetailsTo-Do list on an open meeting - need a way to Edit To-Do item as well as click to work the item.
PUBLISHED 2020-07-05
Season MaintenanceMeeting Type Maintenance do not allow last Regular meeting type to be deleted
Season MaintenanceSeason EditChanging Status on a Season -> Closed - Validation should have no open meetings or To-Do items
Sitebasepagesite max width
ImagesSeason Images ListGo to task (or task list) for image
ImagesSeason Images List/Task EditOn both task and season images - make sure that AJAX isn't called anymore after last image is loaded.
SiteAllAdditional CSS cleanup on whole site after site sizing
PUBLISHED 2020-06-30
ImagesTask EditFixed issue: Adding and deleting the same images during a single edit or add session still needs a little work. In my experience, if I added an image, then deleted it, when I saved, it was still added. If I added the same image twice, it showed twice, and if I deleted one, they were both deleted.
MeetingMeeting DetailsClose Meeting/Open Meeting cursor does not change to pointer
PDF PrintAllImage Captions need to show on the PDF print options
PDF PrintAllBetter Image placement logic
SiteAllAdd recognition site wide if you have made changes and will lose information before browsing to a new page.
TasksTask DetailsImage Captions are not showing on Task Details page - specifically on images already attached.
TasksTask EditFollowup entry grid not sizing correctly on phone
TasksTask EditTask Edit Add Images, Attached Images - Info Tool Tip is empty.
TasksTask EditImage Captions are not showing on Task Edit page - specifically on images already attached.
PUBLISHED 2020-06-28
HeaderTeam/Season MenuAdd access to the Team Home Page from here - easier access.
ImagesUploadRecognize correct image rotation before resize.
TasksTask EditDelete task button is not working. Fixed
ImagesUploadSupport for png and gif images
AvatarsUploadAllow for other image types
PUBLISHED 2020-06-25
Season MaintenanceSeason Home PageAdd access to the Team Home Page from here - easier access. Add it to the season information table - team name as a clickable link before Your Team Role. Make sure to add column on table resize for mobile.
TasksTask EditFollowup entries not saving on task edit.
TasksTask EditMake Quick Description a required field for regular tasks
TasksTask EditMake Author a required field for outreach and extra tasks
TasksTask New/EditField descriptors lost on validation fail
PUBLISHED 2020-06-23
Home screensSeason HomeShow season details (begin & end date, status)?
PDF PrintAllSkip Blank Fields. If there is no data do not show the print row.
PDF PrintAllPDF Generation still has issue deciding on break point on long text. Specifically, look at task #52, generating on page 24 Chronological Print for LOGICoyote SKYSTONE.
PDF PrintMeetingField "Purpose" needs to show.
PDF PrintNewChronological. Should page break on meeting.
CodeAllCheck for Label "for" (not needed) (EXCEPT FOR CHECK BOXES!)
CodeAllCheck for tabindex (not needed)
CodeAllCheck for div style="clear: both;" - should be removed
PUBLISHED 2020-06-22
PDF PrintAllWhen print shows empty, supply a message about why (No Tasks, No Meetings, No Outreach)
Promo-InstructNewSite organization
Season MaintenanceNew SeasonDo not add default teammates and mentors when adding a season
PUBLISHED 2020-06-19
AvatarsAvatar UploadAvatar Images with spaces in filename
Home PageUser HomeWhat Now? For new users
Home PageTeam HomeNew Team - no season - ALSO have a What Now text.
LoginHomepageLogin button not apparent - Instead use "Login or Sign Up"
LoginRegisterChange text about terms and conditions not written yet
Team ManagementSeason AddCopy Meeting Types, Meeting Categories and Task Types from default. Add a couple of default teammates and a mentor.
Team ManagementNew TeamCreate a team - something that says "you have a trial"
Home PageHome PageNeed home page options for not logged in to look like current splash page
Team ManagementNew"Add a Quick Play feature:
- Adds a team and a season with some default names.
- Creates 3 teammates and 1 mentors.
- Copy Meeting Types, Meeting Categories and Task Types from default.
- Add a few notebook sections.
- Creates one to-do task and opens a meeting.
Text for instructions: Use the Quick Play link to start playing around immediately! A random team with an active season will be created for you - and a new meeting will be opened along with a to-do list item. It is a simple way to jump right in!"